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Bid Notices

North Elevated Tank Rehab Project award update:

Bid Opening held at Village of Grafton Village Hall on 03/12/2020.


  1. Classic Protective Coatings                                        $481,500.00

  2. D & M Paint                                                                     $447,565.00

  3. L & T Painting                                                                $369,650.00

  4. LC United Painting                                                       $318,000.00

            At a regular meeting on April 7, 2020, Village Council voted to award this project to LC United Painting $318,000.00















FOR ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING:                  WWTP Administrative Office Building  Located at 1013 McAlpin Ct., Grafton, Ohio PROPOSALS SUBMITTED TO:   Mr. Joe Price Village Administrator Village of Grafton -960 Main Street Grafton, OH 44044 440.926.2401 Ext 4  – PROPOSAL DEADLINE:                                                    1:00 PM, Friday May 22, 2020          


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Village of Grafton, Ohio planning to construct a new 4,950 SF office/warehouse facility to house its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) administrative offices, workshop and equipment. Project Description:  Design and engineer a new 4,950 SF (+/-) building to house offices and accessible workshop for the Village WWTP employees and equipment. This building will be slab-on-grade, 2×6” wood-framed building (all walls Insulated R-19) with a 4-foot high masonry abuse wall (split-faced block) around the lower perimeter. All interior walls finished with 5/8” Sheetrock UltraLight Panels Firecode X. The exterior cladding above the masonry, as well as the roof, will be metal. Project structure to measure (outside diameter) 110’ wide by 45’ deep.  Note:    There is an existing building in the location where the building is to be built. The Village will facilitate the removal of that building prior to the construction of this proposed structure. This Proposal is to provide Architectural, Civil, Structural, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical engineering services as described below:   Wastewater Treatment Plant PROJECT OBJECTIVES:

  • Construct needed plant administrative and personnel offices including needed facility amenities for WWTP personnel.
  • Construct attached needed workshop area.
  • Construct attached facility equipment storage area.
  • Create a non-complex facility design for low cost-to-construct estimation.
  • Build facility at a cost not to exceed $100 per square foot.
  • Simplify Bid Documents and bidding process where possible, including No Bid Bond requirement to attract a greater pool of qualified bidders.
  • Bidding contractors will be required to include an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) with referrals.
  • Ohio Prevailing Wage Laws Apply.

(April 22, 2020)


SCOPE OF PROJECT DESIGN AND USE GRAFTON SUGGESTS YOUR PROPOSAL FOR SERVICES INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Single structure sub-divided into 3 specific use sections: Administrative Offices constructed on the western end of the new structure area will measure 30’ wide by 45’ deep with 9’ high ceiling height constructed with 2×2 drop-ceiling grid and LED lighting.  Main Entrance Door with view-through glass.  Install of one front window.  Administrative Offices area to include ADA compliant employee restroom, sink and 60” wide shower, shower doors, and toilet.  Also includes employee dressing area and employee meeting/break area. Area above offices to be ‘decked’ with ¾’ plywood for designated space to place mechanicals for HVAC and electric hot water.  This Administrative Office section will be forced air-HVAC.  Finished slab concrete floor with 4” depth.    Admin-Offices have the highest cost per square foot to construct. Workshop area to measure 20’ wide by 45’ deep with 14’ high inside finished ceiling height, constructed adjacent to the Administrative Offices.  This area will include a partitioned wall from floor to ceiling to separating the workshop from the Equipment Storage area and accessible through 3 separate man doors.  Man doors will (1) connect the administrative building to the workshop, (2) Allow entrance/exit to the front outside, (3) connect the workshop section to the Equipment section of the building.   The Workshop will include a single 12’x12’ steel/insulated overhead door with operator.  Interior finish to continue walls finished with 5/8” Sheetrock UltraLight Panels Firecode X, ceiling finished with white steel sheeting and insulated to a minimum R-30 standard.  Ceiling access panel required. Workshop to be heated only by a single natural gas radiant tube heating system. Wall adjacent to the Admin-Offices is to be plumbed for a utility tub/sink.  Finished slab concrete wire reinforced floor with 6” depth. Electric Wall outlets spaced as needed. Workshop Alternate:  Option to substitute 5/8” FR Sheetrock with white steel sheeting to match the ceiling.    Equipment Storage area to measure 60’ wide by 45’ deep with 14’ high inside finished ceiling height, constructed at the eastern end of the structure adjacent to the workshop.  The Equipment Storage area will include an additional entrance/exit man door located on the eastern elevation of the structure.   This area will include two (2) 12’x12’ steel/insulated overhead doors, each with operator.  One overhead door will be constructed on the North/west section of the Equipment Storage area, the other near the East/south corner of the structure.  Interior finish to continue walls finished with 5/8” Sheetrock UltraLight Panels Firecode X, ceiling finished with white steel sheeting and insulated to a minimum R-30 standard.  Heating system(s) are not included as part of this project, however the is to be stubbed with natural gas-line accessibility for future consideration.  Finished slab concrete wire reinforced floor with 6” depth.   Alternate:  Option to substitute 5/8 FR Sheetrock with white steel sheeting to match the ceiling.       



  1. Conceptual Design: Meet with Grafton personnel, review and confirm the overall project and design goals including:
  • Develop a conceptual site plan, floor plan and elevations based upon the project information gathered.
  • Review the conceptual design with Grafton personnel. Prepare up to two (2) modifications to the plans, based upon the Grafton’s review and input.
  • Finalize the Site Plan, Floor Plan and Elevations for the facility.
  • Prepare a conceptual estimate of Probable Cost for the facility.
  • Submit the final Conceptual Design Study to Grafton electronically (PDF files) for final review and approval.
  • Present the final Conceptual Design Study to Grafton.
  1. Construction Documents:
  • Upon written approval from Grafton, the Architect will perform Building Code review.
  • Prepare construction-document level drawings for the purpose of bidding and constructing this facility.
  • Provide specifications included on the final drawings.
  • Meet with the Grafton up to two (2) times to review the status of the documents and update the documents based upon the outcome of these meetings, as required.
  • Prepare a final Opinion of Probable Cost for the facility.
  • Submit the final Construction Documents electronically (PDF files) to the Owner for their use in bidding the project.
  • Submit 12 full-size printed copies of COMPLETED CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS.
  • If required, attend a (1) meeting of the Planning Commission for project and for plan review and approval, including any update the drawings as needed to obtain plan review approval.


  1. Bidding / Construction Administration:
  • Prepare and provide Grafton with bid document in printable PDF format.
  • Provide responses to any questions received by Grafton during the bidding period.
  • Assist the Grafton in issuing an Addenda during the bidding period, if needed.
  • Respond to Contractor RFI’s during the construction period.
  • Visit the project site three (3) times during the construction to observe the overall progress. The final visit will include the preparation of a punch list.


Ohio’s prevailing wage laws apply to all public improvements financed in whole or in part by public funds when the total overall project cost is fairly estimated to be more than $250,000 for new construction. WWTP Footprint and measurements WWTP Footprint and measurements

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