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January 2021 Project Update

In 2019 the Village of Grafton adopted the NOACA Envision Grafton-Smart Growth Through Transportation Plan.  The plan outlines several vehicular and pedestrian safety-related improvements along the State Route 57- Main Street corridor in the Village.  The Grafton-Envision Main Street Project Phase 1 will advance goals of the NOACA Envision Grafton plan, as well as the Village’s Land Use Plan and SR 57 Corridor Plan.  Walkability, safety, and enhancing overall quality of life was a part of the focus in these planning documents and will continue to be in the future implementation projects.   

The Envision Main Street Phase I Project will improve vehicle and pedestrian operations, providing more travel options, along Main Street/SR 57, along with improving the safety of all users (vehicles, pedestrians, and bike riders). Recommended improvements include curb and gutter replacement from Mechanic Street to Becker Court, curb and gutter installation where none currently exist from Cleveland Street to Erie Street, sidewalk installations and replacements for compliance with ADA Guidelines, actuated beacon ADA cross walk installations, and traffic calming curb island/bump out installations  at the outer limits of  the downtown area (Becker Court and Mechanic Street), intersection reconstruction and realignment at Parsons Road, intersection improvements at Mechanic Street and turning/through lane pavement delineation marking at the Main Street/Novak Road intersection.  An additional improvement will include installation/replacement of storm sewers to alleviate standing water/drainage issues within the tree lawn areas and accommodate pavement drainage associated with the new curb and gutter installation.

 Also included in the Envision Main Street Phase I Project will be wayfinding and gateway signage that will invite pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular usage into the Village downtown business district. Increasing the walkability in the project area will allow patrons from all areas of the Village to enjoy greater access to the Library, Post Office, Village Hall, restaurants, and other businesses, as well as increased access to green spaces and other sites both Village owned and those used in partnership with the Lorain County Metro Parks. The Village intends to work with the  Metro Parks for improvements to an existing trail head at Erie Street and creation of new trail head near Parsons Road.  During construction traffic will be maintained with limited closures and lane restrictions.  Pedestrian access and walkways will be maintained using existing and new sidewalks

Village of Grafton and its funding partners, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, and the Ohio Public Works Commission, will share the cost of the investment in the infrastructure improvements as part of the Envision Grafton Main Street Phase I Project.  The improvements will spur the economic development that Grafton has envisioned for many years.  Additionally, these improvements will enhance the quality of life for all who reside in Grafton and our visiting guests as we plan for the “Grafton of Tomorrow”.

The Envision Main Street Phase I Project Plan is available for review and comment at the Village of Grafton website, www.villageofgrafton.orgComments can be emailed to Village Administrator, Joe Price at

The comment period will close on February 4, 2021.

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